ETIPADO: Extremely Tall Image Processing And Display Object is a 25-foot saccadic persistence-of-vision LED display with real-time input from a digital camera.

ETIPADO consists of two structures: An antique bellows camera with flash on a tripod and a 25-foot telescoping flagpole. The camera hides a Raspberry Pi, digital camera, and custom electronics. The pole holds 300 full-color LEDs.

ETIPADO’s flagpole doesn’t look like much at first: just a strobing vertical line of light. When you shake your head “no” at it, vibrant images appear seemingly out of nowhere. Then you realize these images are captured by the antique camera nearby.

How does it work? The computer processes images from the digital camera and sends commands to the LEDs. The LEDs display vertical slices of images in fast succession. As your eye moves across the piece, the two-dimensional image “burns” into your retina.

ETIPADO is unexpected art: It’s easy to walk by and not notice it. Once discovered, participants are inspired to share the “secret” with those around them. The piece also requires teamwork: one participant makes faces at the camera while others view their image on the pole.

ETIPADO appeared at Priceless 2018, Burning Man 2018-19, Burning Man’s Artumnal Gathering 2018, and corporate and private events. It is available for rental and permanent installation.