Jigsaw Stained Glass: Laser-cut transparent acrylic. Interlocking shapes hold without glue or fasteners. Etsy coming soon.

Scared Little Boy: Interactive laser-cut interlocking acrylic LED sculpture. 1024 LEDs, custom controller and software, 68″ / 172cm.

Brickolage: 400 LEDs controlled by a browser-based multi-touch application. Works with any tablet over wifi. FadeCandy driver. Appears monthly at Loves Company in San Francisco, fourth Fridays at Underground SFGitHubTry it here!

Learn more about The Flight Attendant and data we’ve collected.

ETIPADO: Extremely Tall Image Processing And Display Object. A 25-foot saccadic persistence-of-vision LED display with real-time camera input. Learn more.

Equanemone: Touch-responsive walk-through volumetric display. Solar powered. Appeared at Burning Man 2015 in an 8×8=64-tentacle configuration, 3200 LEDs total. Version 2.0 was installed at Sierra MeadowsGitHub!

Neurotiq: Hardware and software integrating an Emotiv Epoc EEG headset, RFduino wireless microcontroller, and RGB LEDs in a 3D-printed headpiece. Brain states are visualized in the LEDs.

Photouch: Intuitive iPad app to control professional entertainment lighting wirelessly. Simplifies complex DMX control for the casual user to walk up and start playing.

iPad => Bonjour over Wifi => QLC+ => USB => DMX. GitHub!

Blume: Bluetooth-controlled LED bulbs to repurpose salvaged LED strips from an old art project. GitHub. Project Vision.

BlinkyBra: Fully custom wearable with 32 RGB LEDs, Arduino, sound sensitivity including 6-channel spectrum meter, controller, rechargeable battery. GitHub!


MindOMeter: iOS app to display brainwave data from consumer EEG headset via Bluetooth. Learned iOS development in the process. Now on GitHubhttp://mindometer.com

DJ Spacecat – 2008 to present

See our GitHub page for more project source code.